Adventurer Safari Tented Camp

The style and essence of Adventurer Safaris takes you back to the bygone days of Africa's exploration. The 3m x 3m dome tents, complete with mini-verandas, allow you to feel more connected to nature, accentuating the feeling of the wild and untamed. Pure cotton linen bedrolls (with duvets) on GI stretchers, bedside table with silver lantern and mini luggage benches add to the atmosphere. Shared separate toilet and shower 'bathrooms' with old-style tin bucket showers and basins create simple serviced comfort. Adventurer camping aims to bring the guest closer to nature, by means of lively campfires, hurricane lanterns, diverse activities and a warm atmosphere permeating the camp (and its simple comforts). Adventurer camps are specifically outfitted to create that camping feel with a clear emphasis on essential comforts and pristine wilderness experience. This camp is only available as part of an Adventurer Safari scheduled departure trip such as the Botswana Adventurer and Mana Canoe and Walking Trail.