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Essential Egypt - From $3,895 per person

For millennia, travelers the world over have been fascinated with Egypt. The country\\\'s monuments were ancient even in the days of Herodotus the Greek, who journeyed to Egypt to see the Pyramids and other great temples of the Pharaohs. Today, Egypt\\\'s rich history has created a tapestry of cultural and archaeological treasures unmatched anywhere in the world. Your begin your journey in Cairo, Cairo \\\"Al Qahira\\\", is Egypt\\\'s capital city, and is a destination in itself: a bustling and crowded metropolis full of intriguing contrasts - old and new; western and oriental; modern hotels next to traditional bazaars and coffee shops; 5,000-year-old pyramids and 19th Century palaces. Lying 420 miles south of Cairo, Luxor is the most important and dramatic historical site in all Egypt, and has often been called the world\\\'s greatest open-air museum. Today, Luxor is home to more than half of all of Egypt\\\'s antiquities and is a must-see highlight on the itinerary of almost every visitor to Egypt. The town has a village atmosphere and a bustling local market, and one of the most pleasant ways to get around town is by the \\\"caleches\\\", or two-person horse carriages, that run along the Corniche. Your adventure ends in Aswan which is truly the \\\"Jewel of the Nile\\\". Pink and grey granite thrusts upward through the Nubian sandstone, forming mountains, cliffs and jagged outcroppings. The Nile runs clear and cold, splashing and swirling around the jutting granite that mark the First Cataract. At Aswan, the Nile has lost its buffer of cultivated land, and endless waves of golden sand swirl against its banks.

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Price Per Person: US $3580 (6 Jan – 28 Mar, Oct); $3980 (29 Mar – 30 Apr); $3375 (May – Sep); $3695 (Nov – 20 Dec); $4160 (21 Dec – 5 Jan 2011) Per person, double occupancy. Based on a minimum of two travelers. Estimated price of tour is valid until January 05, 2011
Single Supplement: On request subject to availability
Activities: Day Trips
Nights: 8
Tour Type: Customized
Travel Style: Luxury-5 star