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M.V. Eclipse ~ Espanola - From $5,150 per person

The seven night Espanola cruise takes guests to intriguing Floreana Island, as well as the most incredible Galapagos scenery at Moreno Point and the awe-inspiring Española Island with its beautiful waved albatross. The seven night Genovesa cruise visits Punta Espinoza, home to the flightless cormorant, Bartolome Island with its iconic Pinnacle rock and the spectacular bird heaven of Genovesa Island with a population of over 2 million birds. Both visit the Charles Darwin Research Station, where guests can learn about the efforts being made by scientists and park rangers to preserve this UNESCO World Heritage Site. All itineraries start and end on Saturday. The M.V. Eclipse anchors off-shore at two visitor sites each day. For land visits, guests are divided into groups of a maximum of twelve people, each with its own naturalist guide. A fleet of inflatable pangas - rubber boats that are quick to launch, stable and able to land almost anywhere - make even the smallest islands accessible on twice daily shore excursions led by expert naturalist guides. Snorkelling equipment and kayaks are available for those with the urge to explore on their own. Only the most experienced naturalist guides are employed by Sanctuary to open up the Galapagos Islands\\\' mysteries to visitors. Onboard the friendly crew attends to every need in an efficient and attentive manner. The vessel has an unusually high crew-to-passenger ratio: 31 crew for 48 passengers, plus four naturalist guides. Taking children to the Galapagos Islands is an immensely rewarding experience. For this reason the M.V. Eclipse runs special family departures during the months of March, April, July, August and December. Specialist guides are assigned to educate and entertain children throughout the day, while adults enjoy the cruise at their own pace, knowing that their charges are in safe hands and making their own fascinating discoveries about the history of evolution and the natural wonders of the islands.

Trip Details

Price Per Person: $ 5660 (Stateroom Nov – Dec); $5910 (Stateroom Jan – Oct); $ 6210 (Superior Stateroom Nov – Dec); $6460 (Superior Stateroom Jan – Oct) per person, double occupancy. Based on a minimum of two travelers.
Estimated price of tour is valid until December 2012
Single Supplement: On request subject to availability
Activities: Birding, Boating, Canoeing, Cultural, Scuba Diving, Day Trips, Hiking, Snorkeling
Nights: 7
Departure Dates: Scheduled departure dates (please request details); Cruises begin and end on Saturdays
Tour Type: Small Group - Scheduled Departures
Travel Style: Deluxe