North Island

Day 1 - Day 4
  • Meet and Assist on arrival at Mahe Airport
  • Helicopter transfer from Mahe Airport to North Island
  • The Seychelles, which is located in the vastness of the Indian Ocean just below the equator, is an archipelago of 115 islands. North Island is the most northerly of the inner granitic islands of the Seychelles archipelago. It is located approximately 32km northwest of Mahé and 5km north of its nearest neighbor, Silhouette. The island is about 2.5km long by 1km wide - an area of around 210 hectares. Three granitic outcrops dominate the island - Grand Paloss to the north, Bernica to the southwest and Conglement to the southeast. These outcrops drop straight into the sea but are bordered with giant boulders at their inland bases. There are three main beaches on the island - at any time one of these beaches will be sheltered from the prevailing winds. Grande Anse on the western side is fringed by extensive coral reefs. At the southern end of this beach, rock outcrops have formed a small private beach, Bonnet Carré, where the vegetation is at its most pristine and where the island's only Barringtonia trees drop their exquisite pink feathery flowers onto the soft white coral sands. Anse d'Est on the eastern side of the island is a wide bay edged by two granitic outcrops. This beach is about 1km long and is the location of the island safari camp. Petite Anse, located on the south east of the island is a small beach bordered by granitic outcrops on either side. As you approach North Island by helicopter or boat, your first impression will be of its sheer beauty: the extraordinary variations in the colour of the sea against the pale sand and dark granite rocks; the vivid green of the vegetation and the way the buildings blend harmoniously into the environment. Once you arrive on the island you notice the simplicity and tranquility of the setting and of how the buildings seem to emerge naturally and comfortably from the beach, the rocks and the trees. From the comfort of the beach lounge, you will be given a brief orientation of the island and its activities and your impressions will be of natural materials, wooden decks, palm roofs, stone walls, still ponds, tropical vegetation, sculpture gardens, inviting rooms in warm natural colours. The walk, or ride in battery-operated golf carts, to the villas will take you past some of the original buildings on the island, which have been beautifully restored. You wind your way along sandy paths through the canopy of indigenous trees and palms catching tantalising glimpses of the other villas and of the sea and beach. There are only eleven villas on North Island and the limited number of guests in residence at any one time will give you sense of ownership and ease in your surroundings. The objective is to make you feel like you are staying on a private island, which you are sharing with a select group of like-minded individuals. The activities offered on North Island reflect the ethos of rehabilitation and preservation that drives the project. Only activities that have minimal impact on the environment and on other guests will be available. For those interested in conservation, some of the activities include mountain biking, walking – either alone or on guided walks led by the resident ecologists, visits to the Research Centre and the North Island Library or slide shows and talks. The following activities are included in your safari fare: scuba diving and snorkeling in and around the North Island and Silhouette dive sites; sea kayaking around North Island; fly fishing on North Island; (Boat fishing trips are extra); hobie sailing around North Island; the use of one “North Island Buggy” per villa for the duration of your stay and the use of mountain bikes.

    You stay at North Island Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Day 4
  • Helicopter transfer from North Island to Mahe Airport

  • Breakfast