Nsolo Camp

Nsolo Camp is a romantic, thatched camp, situated on a waterhole in the shade of a large grove of trees, just three hours' safari walk from Luwi Bushcamp. Accommodation consists of four open-fronted rooms, built on raised wooden platforms under a thatched roof. Where possible, the natural features have been incorporated into the structure. At night, the canvas curtains can be drawn for added security. The bathrooms are open to the trees and stars above. The main chitenje hosts the bar and a small library of books. This is an excellent place to relax during the heat of the day and watch the constant activity at the waterhole in front of the camp. The Luangwa is known for huge herds of elephants and large pods of hippos. Of the primates, baboons and vervet monkeys are prolific, hyenas are fairly common throughout the valley and lions are as plentiful in the Luangwa as anywhere else in Africa. Other carnivores present but not often seen is the caracal, wild dog, serval and side striped jackal. The Luangwa River also has an extraordinarily high number of crocodiles. It is not uncommon to see several basking on the riverbanks or even floating down the river tearing at a dead animal. Night drives are fascinating in the Luangwa. Not only for the chance of seeing a leopard but for the many interesting animals that only come to life at night. Others present are genets, civets, servals, hyenas, and bushbabies as well as owls, nightjars, the foraging hippos and honey badgers Birdwatching is superb, with over 400 recorded species. Near the end of the dry season, when the river and oxbow lagoons begin to recede, hundreds of large waterbirds can be seen wading through the shallows.