Shackeltons Lodge

Shackletons is situated in south-western Zambia on the Upper Zambezi River near the village of Mwandi (meaning a place of ‘plenty fish’). Shackletons provides access to 130km of the Upper Zambezi River, called ‘God’s Highway’ by David Livingstone. Shackletons is a premier venue for spin, lure and fly anglers of all levels to fish for trophy Tigerfish, Bream, Tilapia and Catfish. Shackletons is home to nearly 300 bird species that can be spotted at the Lodge, or by boat along the river banks, or by Mokorro in the tranquil river channels. The Lodge accommodates 12 people in thatched, en-suite chalets with private teak decks overlooking the Zambezi. The swimming pool, sun downer deck, lounge, open dining area, and riverside bar provide guests with unparalleled vistas of the mighty Upper Zambezi River. The sundowner's deck, lounge, dining area and riverside bar provide a space where guests can unwind and relax at the end of the day. Serene vistas are enjoyed from all corners of the lodge and as the sun sets the embers from the fire pit glow. Wonderful meals are prepared in abundance. The Lodge has its own vegetable garden, the bread is freshly baked and a braai at the end of the day sends you to bed with high expectations for the following day. The gardens are planted with indigenous flowers and trees attracting a multitude of birds. Spend a day in camp watching birds or by the pool with a good book and unwind from city stress. At Shackletons you, your family and your friends will be totally spoilt by the Zambian culture, the pristine waters of the Upper Zambezi, the peace and tranquility of the Lodge, the exciting fishing, the abundant bird life, and the unsurpassed friendly hospitality of the Shackletons people