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Let An Africa Safari Travel Planner Help You Plan The Vacation Of Your Dreams!

Have you utilized travel websites to book package vacations and other travel?  Are you interested in planning an African safari?

An African safari is an exciting trip that many people only get to take once in their lifetime.  However, this type of trip can’t really be booked through an automated Africa safari travel planner.  Instead, it requires the careful consideration and work of an experienced African safari travel specialist who can design a trip that meets your unique needs, wants and desires.
Africa Safari Travel Planner
Africa is an exciting continent with many wonderful safari opportunities.  Yet, each of the countries differs greatly in the types of safaris they offer, the animals the traveler will experience, and the accommodations available.   It is important that a knowledgeable African safari travel planner work directly with you because as you will discover, planning a safari is far different from planning any other type of travel.

Africa Safari Travel PlannerAfrican Portfolio is a travel company dedicated to making African safari travel dreams come true for many different types of travelers.  African Portfolio stands out from the rest due to their dedication to working with safari operators to provide those going on safari with the most amazing wilderness experience possible.  Diane Ebzery, owner and founder recommends that those going on safari to really research the possibilities and to make a list of their preferences and interests with regards to safari.  African Portfolio’s friendly travel planners will then take that list and help you create an itinerary that best suits your individual criteria.
Africa Safari Travel Planner
While there are many safari packages out there, working with an Africa safari travel planner will give you a vacation that is individualized and specific for you.  It is important to resist booking a prepackaged safari just to save a few dollars.   Planning a safe, educational and fun safari is a complex process and it takes travel planners with the education, experience and knowledge to provide you with the best possible vacation for your money.

Consider these advantages of working with an Africa safari travel planner like African Portfolio:

  • Experience: Designing a safari can be a bit like completing a jigsaw puzzle! And that’s why you’ll find that our 30 years of collective experience in the tourism industry will be invaluable to you. We know the “ins and outs” – the detailed logistics – that can make all the difference in the success of your trip.
  • Expertise: There is no better substitute than first hand knowledge when it comes to designing your tour. Our staff has traveled to over 100 different safari camps, lodges, and hotels throughout Africa. In addition, several of our staff have lived in Africa for many years, thus ensuring we can offer you a ‘real life’ perspective on the issues you need to consider in planning your trip.
  • We can plan a safari itinerary customized to meet your specific needs, wants and dreams.
  • We are dedicated to quality and client service.
  • Dedication to quality: Our safaris draw on the resources of highly respected professional guides, incorporate the leading safari camps and lodges, and offer unique adventure and safari activities. All services, accommodations, ground operators and travel arrangements are continually monitored and evaluated, to ensure to the best of our ability that we are providing you with the quality of product and service you are looking for
  • Our safaris utilize the leading lodges, resorts, hotels and safari camps and offer unique safari and adventure activities in comparison to standard packages.

African Portfolio is your ideal Africa safari travel planner.   By choosing African Portfolio, you can rest assured knowing that you will get the best value for your money.  Our passionate and professional staff are motivated to help you plan the safari of a lifetime.  Call one of our friendly Africa safari travel planners today to experience the African Portfolio difference!