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What You’ll Need For Your African Safari Trips

You are eagerly anticipating your upcoming African safari trip and have started thinking about what you’ll bring. You’ve started a checklist and want to ensure you haven’t forgotten anything. This helpful article will outline the essential items you will need for any African safari trips you are planning!

African safari travel planners will tell you never to leave behind any essential items because they may be difficult to get once you are in the wilds of Africa. That’s why planning for your African safari trips is so important.

Essential requirements for your African safari trip
Safari Clothing – The clothes you bring on your trip are important because you want to be both comfortable and protected. Long sleeve shirts are essential to protect you from annoying mosquito bites and to keep your skin covered from the hot sun. As well, you’ll need long pants for the same reasons. Most guides will tell you to avoid brightly colored clothing because it can attract animals. For that reason, most safari clothing that you may buy from a sports outfitter will come in khaki, tan, and light brown. Neutral colors are also effective in keeping you cooler during warm days.

Back Pack – Most people find a sturdy, waterproof backpack is an ideal way to bring your essential items. As a rule of thumb, when packing for your African safari trip, try not to have your pack weigh more than 25 pounds since you will be lugging it around from camp to camp. Ensure the straps on your pack fit you comfortably. Talk to your travel specialist because you may only need a few days of clothing supply because many of the camps and lodges do have laundry facilities.

Sun and Mosquito Protection – Remember that you will encounter mosquitoes during your safari so it is important to have a strong mosquito repellent containing DEET with you. Be sure to spray your clothing and any exposed skin. Also, avoid the use of perfume, hairspray and other scented products because they may attract mosquitoes. Remember to also pack sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.

Polarized Sunglasses – Another important item to remember is a pair of quality, polarized sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses are best for the strong, bright sun.

Good Walking Shoes – Bring a pair of walking or running shoes that are comfortable and fit you well. Don’t forget to pack quality socks too. You’ll probably want to also bring a pair of comfortable walking sandals.

Rain Gear or Warm Jacket – Depending on when you have planned your African safari trips, you will need to bring light rain gear for summer months (November to April) and a warm jacket for the cold winter months (May to September.

Swimming Suit – Many safari experiences include the opportunity to swim in pristine watering holes or rivers. Be sure to bring a good quality swimming suit so you can enjoy the water!

Sun Hat – Bring a quality hat with a good brim that covers your face and ears.

Other items you may want to bring include:
Personal toiletries
Camera equipment
Extra contact lenses or glasses
Basic medical supplies
Waterproof bags for your camera and other electronic devices

Your travel specialist from African Portfolio can help ensure you have everything you need for your upcoming African safari trips. Their helpful staff are with you every step of the way through the planning of your trip. Call one of our friendly Africa safari travel planners today to experience the African Portfolio difference!

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