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Choose Your Guide Carefully For The Best African Safari Experience

Are you planning an African safari? Have you researched various packages and are baffled by all the choices? Did you know that choosing your guide is the single most important factor in guaranteeing a great trip?

It’s true. Most people underestimate the extreme importance of the role the guide plays in an African safari adventure. Many people spend so much time finding the best deal on their package and choosing the locales that they will visit, that they lose sight of the fact that having the best guides for their trip should be given their greatest consideration.

Simply put, if you don’t ensure the quality of your safari guide, you put yourself at greater risk, not to mention missing out on important elements of your trip. Here are just a few of the reasons a great guide can make your African safari the trip of a lifetime.
Africa Safari Travel Planner
The guide is crucial to seeing the animal and sights that interest you the most.
A great guide provides an understanding of the wildlife in their natural habitat as well as the people in their native culture.
An expert guide ensures you don’t miss out on the educational insights and encyclopedic information that abounds during a safari.
Working with a guide who has significant experience increases your chances of seeing the ‘big five’, but will also result in attention being paid to the equally fascinating “smaller” aspects of the bush.
So now that you know how much a great guide can enhance your African safari experience, you might be wondering just how African Portfolio ensures that the safaris we design incorporate the most qualified, experienced and professional safari guides. Before we recommend and work with any guides we go through the following evaluation process:

How many years experience does the guide have?
How will the guide help ensure my client’s safety?
Are there testimonials we can read or references that we can check?
Is the guide a native to the area?
What credentials does the guide have (i.e. Full Professionals Guides License, First Aid)?
How did the guide get his love for the bush?
Has the guide won any awards?
What type of experiences does the guide usually provide?
Does the guide have a deep knowledge and understanding of the plants and animals of the bush?
Does the guide have excellent communication skills?

We then thoroughly review this information, read the testimonials and contact the references to help reassure you that the guides’ values and activities will meet your expectations.

In addition, we recommend that you carefully study the planned day-by-day itinerary of your African safari to ensure it has the types of activities and experiences that you are looking for. If you are unsure of any element of your itinerary, ask your travel planner to clarify.

One way to ensure your African safari is the experience you’ve been searching for is to work with the seasoned professionals from African Portfolio. Helping people from all walks of life, African Portfolio takes pride in ensuring every client’s vacation is full of life changing experiences that help them develop a lifelong love of Africa. Working with one of the most experienced team of guides and operators in all of Africa, you can rest assured that your African safari from African Portfolio will be the best adventure possible. Call one of our friendly Africa safari travel planners today to experience the African Portfolio difference!

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