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  • Plan A Kenya Tanzania Safari

    Experience a Kenya Tanzania Safari Vacation : If this is your first trip to Africa, a Kenya Tanzania safari is an excellent choice. With the amazing wilderness and high probability of seeing big game, many people favor this location for their first safari experience. Read More

  • African Safari Trip Essentials

    African Safari Trip Requirtements : You are eagerly anticipating your upcoming African safari trip and have started thinking about what you’ll bring. You’ve started a checklist and want to ensure you haven’t forgotten anything. This helpful article will outline the essential items you will need for any African safari trips you are planning! Read More

  • Luxury African Safari Planning Tips

    Useful Luxury African Safari Tips : When planning a luxury African Safari, you need to think about many different aspects of your trip, such as the time of year you will travel, how long you will be away, the type of accommodation you prefer, your budget and any special interests you want to pursue. These five tips can help you and your travel planner from African Portfolio plan a luxury African safari that will meet all your hopes and dreams. Read More

  • Ultimate Luxury Safari Vacation Experience

    Luxury Safari Vacation : SA luxury safari is the perfect vacation for the discerning traveler who enjoys all the comforts of life – even when they travel. A luxury safari is the ultimate vacation experience combining the finest in accommodations and experiences at Africa’s top game parks. Read More

  • Expectation from a Safari in Botswana

    Safari in Botswana : Safaris in Botswana are incredibly popular because it is one of the top African safari destinations. With an amazing array of safaris to choose from, you can look forward to enjoying the best Africa has to offer. Read More

  • Plan your South African Safari

    South Africa Safari : Choose your travel planner wisely. South Africa has a lot to offer and it is important to choose a travel planner with the experience and expertise in the area. One company specializing in South Africa safaris is African Portfolio. They have professionals that can help you plan a safari that meets your dreams and your budget. Read More

  • Uganda Safari Destination

    Uganda Safari : There is an article that described Uganda as ‘gifted by nature’ and that’s just what makes a Uganda safari an ideal vacation adventure. Uganda, located in East Africa has a remarkable cultural diversity and a natural magnificence that you won't want to miss. Read More

  • Africa Wilderness Safari Getaways

    Experience the Ultimate Wilderness Safari : Do you dream of going on safari and experiencing the sights, sounds and animals of Africa? Would you like a holiday that includes enjoying pristine wilderness areas and the biodiversity they support? Read More

  • Africa Safari Travel Planner

    Plan your Luxury African Safari : Book your African Safari Trip to your favorite African Safari destination with help from African Portfolio, reputed Africa Safari Travel Planner. We are a dedicated Luxury African Safari Travel Planner always striving to make your African Safaris memorable. Read More

  • African Family Safari

    Enjoy your African Family Safari: In recent times, we have seen a marked increase in number of African Family Safaris. Family Safaris are an ideal way of families traveling together enjoying an experience which comes once in a lifetime. African Family Safari is fantastic way of bonding between parents & children. Read More

  • African Safari

    The Best African Safari Experience: One way to ensure your African safari is the experience you’ve been searching for is to work with the seasoned professionals from African Portfolio. Helping people from all walks of life, African Portfolio takes pride in ensuring every client’s vacation is full of life changing experiences that help them develop a lifelong love of Africa. Read More

  • Seychelles Honeymoon

    Seychelles Honeymoon; Together In Paradise: For newly married couples looking to indulge in a truly magnificent honeymoon destination, the Seychelles, considered one of the ten most beautiful places in the world, answers the call. Over 100 islands make up the Seychelles archipelago, and there is something for just about every type of traveler. Read More

  • Wilderness Safari

    A Wilderness Safari Can Change Your Life: Do you crave excitement and adventure when you travel? Perhaps the biggest reason people go on safari is to see and experience a magnificent variety of wildlife in their natural habitat. A wilderness safari in Africa offers the opportunity to view an abundance of animal, bird and plant life, virtually unmatched anywhere else on earth. Read More

  • Tanzania Safari

    Make a Tanzania Safari The Trip Of A Lifetime: Almost everyone undertaking a Tanzania safari is keenly interested in the wildlife they might see. Tanzania is a treasure trove of wildlife and this article offers just a brief listing of the potential wildlife you could experience on your African Portfolio trip. Trust the expert guidance and professionalism of the African Portfolio team, and you will have the trip of a lifetime. Read More

  • Botswana Safari

    Unspoiled Wilderness On Your Botswana Safari: Visit one of the few unspoiled wilderness areas in Africa on a Botswana safari. This trip will be a life changing experience leaving you and your family or friends with memories and photographs to last a lifetime. Consider some of the facts in this article before choosing your African safari location. Read More

  • Honeymoon Safari

    Start your life together on a Honeymoon Safari: If you’ve always dreamed of enjoying the splendors of Africa like rafting the white waters of the Zambezi, floating silently over the Masai Mara in a hot air balloon or camping under the stars of the brilliant African sky, you can trust all your honeymoon safari plans and experiences to wonderful staff at African Portfolio. Read More

  • Kenya Safari

    Discover the beauty of Kenya on Safari: A diverse country, Kenya is a wonderful experience for both the first time visitor to Africa and those that keep coming back again and again. With over forty parks and game reserves, magnificent wildlife, gorgeous beaches and warm and friendly people, Kenya truly is a wonderful way to experience Africa. These areas noted above are a just a small sampling of all you can encounter during your Kenya safari. Read More

  • Mauritius Honeymoon

    Celebrate Your Marriage On A Mauritius Honeymoon: Beyond unbroken coral reefs, the pristine white beaches are what keep visitors coming back. Surrounded by turquoise seas, it is the perfect honeymoon destination. Consider these great advantages! Read More

  • Namibia Safari

    A Namibia safari is the perfect vacation experience: For those seeking wide open spaces and stunning scenery and landscapes a Namibia offers a really unique safari experience. Your Namibia safari truly offers something for everyone. Namibia is very special and is like no other country in Africa; visitors appreciate the intense encounter with nature, the environment and wildlife. Working with the highly trained and experienced staff at African Portfolio you can enjoy a step back in time to uncover one of the most interesting countries in the world. Read More

  • Safari in Kenya

    Top Five Reasons To Go On Safari In Kenya: There are more than a hundred reasons to go on safari in Kenya – but that would make for a very long article, so we’re going to concentrate on the top five reasons you should go on safari in Kenya with the seasoned experts from African Portfolio. Check out this article for the real reasons to travel to Africa. Read More

  • Safari in South Africa

    See South Africa in Style: Located at the southern tip of Africa, South Africa is a vast country with widely varying landscapes and an amazing 11 official languages. Its wonderful hot, dry climate combined with a well developed infrastructure and all the modern amenities and technologies, means it is a sought after travel destination from people worldwide. Here is and article offering just a brief sampling of what you can expect on your Safari in South Africa through African Portfolio. Read More