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Botswana is an all year round wildlife destination. The climate is generally temperate, tending to become tropical as one travels north. However there are certain seasons for special interest groups to take note of:
Best birding months are November – March when the Delta is brimming with migratory birds.
Best botanical months are December – May when the vegetation is lush and green, and also when most plants are in flower.
During the summer months from November – April, days are hot and generally sunny in the morning with possible afternoon thunderstorms. Daytime temperatures can rise to 100°F and night temperatures drop to around 68°–77°F. The ‘rainy season’ begins late in October/November and ends in March. The northern areas receive up to 700mm while the Kalahari Desert area averages as low as 225mm.
During the winter months from May – October, days are dry, sunny and cool to warm while evening temperatures drop sharply. Daytime temperatures generally reach 68°F and can drop to as low as 41°F at night. Please note that extreme cold spells can occur (although this is the exception rather than the rule) so it is recommended to bring appropriate clothing, just in case!

Botswana Rainfall Chart

Botswana Temperature Chart