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High Wire Adventures

A collection of mind-blowing extreme adrenalin activities set on the edge of the Batoka Gorge, 300m from the Victoria Falls. There is something for every age, level of madness and courage!

Foofie Slide: One of the longest in the world! Hurtles 425m across the Batoka Gorge at a speed of 106km/h on a static cable.

The Flying Fox: To whet the appetite! Leap into thin air and fly horizontally for 200m whilst suspended 120m high on a static cable.

Gorge Swing: A total sensory overload incorporating a 70m freefall into a 95m long swing over the swirling Zambezi, 120m below. After your swing you will be lowered to the edge of the river where you can walk out.

Abseil & Rapp Jump: Imagine abseiling 120m down a brilliant sheer cliff, doing 360-degree twists, descending backwards or rapp jumping forwards and walking down the gorge. Suspended against the rock you can jump out and swing yourself from side to side or round in twists. Abseiling is descending backwards down the gorge and lowering yourself all the way to the bottom.