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A Honeymoon Safari from African Portfolio Is The Perfect Start To Your Life Together

African portfolio.

Honeymoon safaris are quickly becoming a popular choice for people across the United States and beyond. Anyone looking for an exciting adventure in a dynamic land are embarking on an African experience to celebrate the start of their lives together.

If you want a truly special honeymoon safari, itís best to work with the seasoned professionals from African Portfolio. With over 100 plus years of African safari tour experience, we love making the dreams and wishes of honeymooners come true.
Africa Safari Travel Planner

Another advantage to booking your honeymoon safari with African Portfolio is the tailor-made and small group concept that we adhere to for our bookings. African Portfolio has found that most customers, in particular honeymooners, prefer a more customized or small group approach to safari travel. Often for less than the cost of a prepackaged large group tour, we can customize a trip for the newlyweds at smaller, more personalized camps.

What can I expect at my honeymoon safari camp?

  • The camp manager will be your first point of contact for anything concerning your stay in Africa. If you have any questions, concerns, requests or changes, they will do everything possible to accommodate you! Their goal is a smooth and flawless experience for you.
  • Your guide is responsible for all your game viewing activities. They will plan the routes to optimize your chances of spotting animals and provide constant interest and variety. The safari guides we work with are true experts and they are responsible not only for the quality of your game viewing but for your safety while in the bush. The guide is your primary source of information and our top notch guides will enhance your experience tremendously.
  • The camp staff works tirelessly behind the scenes to keep camp clean, provide maintenance for the vehicles, cook wonderful meals and more. The teams of friendly professionals we work with want to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

If youíve always dreamed of enjoying the splendors of Africa like rafting the white waters of the Zambezi, floating silently over the Masai Mara in a hot air balloon or camping under the stars of the brilliant African sky, you can trust all your honeymoon safari plans and experiences to wonderful staff at African Portfolio.

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