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Five Tips For Planning Your Luxury African Safari

When planning a luxury African Safari, you need to think about many different aspects of your trip, such as the time of year you will travel, how long you will be away, the type of accommodation you prefer, your budget and any special interests you want to pursue. These five tips can help you and your travel planner from African Portfolio plan a luxury African safari that will meet all your hopes and dreams.
Luxury African safari planning tips
Do Some Research – Before you even contact a company like African Portfolio, it helps if you have done some prior research so you can start to formulate where you’d like to go and what type of safari experience you would like. Read some travel books and articles to start gaining an understanding of what to expect when you are on safari. Then, once you’ve narrowed done your options, get in touch with African Portfolio and have them assist you in planning every aspect of your luxury African safari.

Determine Your Budget – It’s no secret that a luxury African safari will be more expensive than most typical vacations you enjoy. The difference in cost between various safari itineraries comes from the safari destination and the camp or lodge chosen. Planning a safari can be complex and your travel professional from African Portfolio can help explain all the costs associated with your trip. It’s important that you and your travel partner come up with a budget you are comfortable with and communicate that with your travel specialist so that he or she can create an itinerary that meets both your needs and your budget.

Luxury Accommodations – If you’ve chosen a luxury African safari for your travel experience, then you can expect your accommodations to be of high quality and comfort. In addition, all other facets of your trip like the food, service, facilities and amenities will be first rate.

The Big 5 – Chances are that your luxury African safari won’t be complete if you don’t have the opportunity to witness the ‘big five’ – leopard, lion, elephant, rhino and buffalo. Your African safari travel planner can help you choose a destination that will give you a better chance of seeing the big five depending on the time of year you are traveling.

Convenience – Another benefit of planning a luxury African safari is that you will likely be afforded greater convenience in terms of your proximity to the animal reserves. African Portfolio features several camps and lodges with private airstrips that are close to camp giving you much shorter transfer times. That way, you can enjoy more time on safari and taking in the wonders of Africa.

To enjoy the unspoiled African wild and everything it has to offer, it’s best to work with the experts at African Portfolio. African Portfolio is a specialized United States based tour operator focusing exclusively on organizing tours and safaris to Africa. They are well suited to planning your luxury African safari based on your needs, interests and budget. African Portfolio’s itineraries draw on the resources of highly respected professional guides, incorporate the leading safari camps and lodges, and offer unique adventure and safari activities. Call African Portfolio today and let them help you plan a luxury African safari for your next vacation adventure!

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