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Morocco Safari Overview It is said that Hercules (a hero of Greek legend) decided to pull Africa and Spain apart, using Gibraltar and the Moroccan mountain of Jbel Musa as his handgrips. They are known as "The Pillars of Hercules". Morocco occupies an area of approximately 446,550 sq km (172,413 sq mi) in the northwestern corner of the African continent. The Atlantic Ocean forms the country's western perimeter. The north is bounded by the Mediterranean Sea. To the east and southeast lies the Algerian border and the Moroccan Sahara extends along the far south of the country. Morocco thus becomes the crossroads where the East meets the West, Africa meets Europe, and the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic Oceans. Its great appeal to travelers has always been the Mediterranean climate, scenic beauty, quality of crafts and exotic culture. Visitors are captivated as much by the sensory feast of mosques, palaces, ruins, souks and gardens of the imperial cities, as by the picturesque Kasbahs, valleys and gorges along the countryside, the awe-inspiring Atlas Mountains, the breathtaking dunes of the Sahara desert, visits to local villages, nomadic Berber settlements and even cooking classes to create a comprehensive, fully-rounded experience.