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Mozambique Honeymoon SafariOne of the newest tourism destinations in Southern Africa has come alive. Being a maritime country, along a 1500 mile coastline, the country offers a magnitude of highlights and sightseeing attractions. These include the National Parks of Mozambique, Banhine, Zinave, the Bazaruto Archipelago, Gorongoza and the Maputo Elephant Reserve. The coral reefs of Mozambique are some of the world's richest, making the country a haven for snorkeling, diving and sun bathing. The cosmopolitan existence of Mozambique started well before the first Europeans arrived in the region. Arab sailors are thought to have been trading with Mozambique prior to 600 AD, bringing spices and architecture into the country. With the combination of Portuguese and Arab, as well as African influences, Mozambique offers one of the greatest combinations in culture and architecture on the African continent. Mozambique is a diamond in the rough offering simple pleasures in stunning surroundings.