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Uncover Africa’s Best Kept Secret!

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Did you know that Namibia is one of southern Africa’s best kept secrets?

It’s true! This vast country is situated along Africa’s most inhospitable coastline and only has a population 1.5 million. A Namibia safari is the perfect vacation experience for those seeking wide open spaces and stunning scenery and landscapes. If you’re looking for a really unique safari experience, then Namibia may be just for you!

Imagine all you could experience during your Namibia safari…

  • Behold an amazing land of contrasts with towering sand dunes, shimmering plains, relentless sunshine, mountains, gorges, and valleys.
  • Uncover some of Africa’s most interesting and varied wildlife and national parks.
  • Observe abundant game and bird life
  • Experience the diverse fish and seal populations on the coast
  • View some of the highest sand dunes in the world
  • Undergo historical and cultural experiences like no other
  • Observe geological formations and ecosystems unique to this area of the world

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Your Namibia safari truly offers something for everyone. Namibia is very special and is like no other country in Africa; visitors appreciate the intense encounter with nature, the environment and wildlife.

Since you may not know a lot about Namibia, here is just a small sampling of what you can do while on your Namibia safari.

  • Sossusvlei is where you will go to see huge towering dunes, thought to be the highest in the world. They rise an amazing 1000 feet above the surrounding plains at Sossusvlei.
  • Windhoek is Namibia’s business and commercial operations center. You’ll likely fly in to Windhoek and stay before departing for your safari adventure.
  • Swakopmund is definitely Namibia’s most popular holiday town. You’ll fall in love with the palm lined streets, seaside walkways, and prevalent flower gardens.
  • Damaraland is a mountainous region featuring the Petrified Forest and Burnt Mountain. Visit the Damaraland Wilderness Preserve and perhaps you’ll catch a glimpse of desert elephant, black rhino, lion, desert dwelling giraffe and Hartman’s mountain zebra.
  • If you want to see nature at its finest, then you must visit Etosha National Park during your Namibia safari. One of Africa’s largest nature reserves, this park has amazing concentrations of game. Some of the animal and birdlife you’ll experience here include short-toed rock thrush, Hartlaub’s francolin, large herds of elephant, and Meyer’s parrot.

The most amazing and distinct feature of Namibia is its Skeleton Coast. This coastline is so named for the many skeletons of shipwrecks and whales that dot the treacherous coast of this park. It is wild, desolate and uninhabited...and stunningly beautiful. From soaring sand dunes that roar, wonderful vast, pastel colored plains, towering canyons and mountains, and salt pans to seal colonies and ship wrecks -- this area is fascinating, unique and like no other place on earth.

Visiting Namibia is great almost any time of year as it is generally a hot and dry country. Be wary though because the climate changes throughout the region due to its diversity.

If you’ve decided that you want your safari to take place in one the vastest, yet least populated and incredibly diverse countries, then a Namibia safari is just for you! Working with the highly trained and experienced staff at African Portfolio you can enjoy a step back in time to uncover one of the most interesting countries in the world.