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Top Five Reasons To Go On Safari In Kenya with African Portfolio!

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There are more than a hundred reasons to go on safari in Kenya – but that would make for a very long article, so we’re going to concentrate on the top five reasons you should go on safari in Kenya with the seasoned experts from African Portfolio.

  1. A safari in Kenya is perfect for wildlife watching. In fact, the word safari, was ‘born’ in East Africa and stems from the Swahili language meaning ‘long journey’. Here you can experience literally thousands of wildlife, bird life and insect life species being supported and sustained within this unique ecology.
  2. An African expedition gives you the opportunity to experience other cultures and understand their unique way of life. Kenya offers everything from the cosmopolitan city of Nairobi to the ancient civilizations in Lamu, where it can appear that time and modern development has passed it by.
  3. An eco tourism experience like no other, your safari in Kenya with African Portfolio gives you the chance to enjoy the splendors of Africa while being led by guides who are native to the land. Our safaris are designed to let travelers experience Africa in a way that honors the land and the people.
  4. Not only does Kenya offer some of the most splendiferous wildlife, but it also has amazing geography. Visitors to Kenya often remark on the breathtaking landscapes in almost every area of the country. Visit the Great Rift Valley, the scenic landscapes of Amboseli or the volcanic Chyulu Hills. No matter where you visit in Kenya, you will be astounded by the beauty of the topography.
  5. Your safari in Kenya is the ultimate chance to discover relaxation, peace and pristine beauty. With everyone having extremely busy lives, it’s important that your precious vacation time gives you the opportunity to recharge your batteries and re-focus on what’s important in life. Your trip with African Portfolio will have every detail taken care of so that you can relax, enjoy first rate service and bask in all the glory and wonder of Kenya, one of the most beautiful locations on earth.

These are just a few of the reasons we feel you should strongly consider a safari in Kenya. We’re confident that once you’ve enjoyed a customized Kenyan safari experience you’ll have your own personal list of over a hundred reasons why your African Portfolio vacation was indeed the trip of a lifetime!