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African Safari – Welcome to OnSafari, a comprehensive resource for researching, planning and booking your safari to Africa.

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Plan your Safari – Planning a safari is quite unlike the planning for most of your previous travels. The preparation and anticipation of the actual trip can be almost as exciting as the safari itself!

Preparing for your Safari – For the visitors traveling to Africa for the first time, there are always many questions to be answered: What do we pack? What visas do we need? Can I use a hair dryer? and so on.

Booking your Safari – An outline of the steps required to book and confirm your safari with African Portfolio.

What to Expect on Safari – Dawn alarm-calls, set mealtimes and a ban on solitary walks makes it all sound more like boot camp than Out of Africa. Yet the day is designed to maximize game-viewing success as well as guests' safety and comfort.

Where to go – Africa is a vast continent with a myriad of different cultures, people, eco-systems, landscapes and wildlife — awaiting your discovery. Perhaps the most significant benefit of a journey to Africa is the opportunity to experience the culture of another land and people.

Botswana Safari – In Botswana you experience a land of nature and endless horizons, little changed by man. The tropical climate greets you with blue skies, sunshine and cooling breezes.
Know Botswana Places & Weather before you go there.

Egypt Safari – The Arab Republic of Egypt, commonly known as Egypt, is a Middle Eastern republic in North Africa. Egypt is the fifteenth most populous country in the world.
Know Egypt Places & Weather before you go there.

Kenya Safari – With over 40 parks and game reserves, Kenya has long been known as "big-game" country. Kenya has always viewed its wildlife as a national treasure.
Know Kenya Places & Weather before you go there.

Malawi Safari – Malawi is a relatively small country, dominated by Lake Malawi and the Great Rift Valley. Malawi offers a generous variety of attractions including lakes, rivers, mountains, game parks and villages.
Know Malawi Places & Weather before you go there.

Mauritius Safari – Mauritius has been influenced by very different cultures, resulting in a marvelously diverse and effusive population who speak French, spend Rupees and drive on the left.
Know Mauritius Places & Weather before you go there.

Mozambique Safari – The coral reefs of Mozambique are some of the world's richest, making the country a haven for snorkeling, diving and sun bathing.
Know Mozambique Places & Weather before you go there.

Namibia Safari – Namibia, known for its stark, dramatic and timeless landscapes, is truly a diamond in the rough and one of southern Africa's best kept secrets. Namibia is situated along Africa's most inhospitable coastline to the northwest of the Republic of South Africa.
Know Namibia Places & Weather before you go there.

Rwanda Safari – Discover a new place, a new adventure, new friends and unimaginable beauty. Rwanda sits at the hub of Africa.
Know Rwanda Places & Weather before you go there.

Seychelles Honeymoon – The name alone conjures up images of hidden pirate treasures and a tropical island paradise. If you like beaches, there are miles of white coral sands that dip invitingly into clear, warm turquoise waters.
Know Seychelles Places & Weather before you go there.

Safari in South Africa – There are few countries in the world that compare with South Africa's scenic splendor and diversity of leisure options: game reserves, mountain resorts, spectacular beaches and cosmopolitan cities offer a variety of experiences for all interests.
Know South Africa Places & Weather before you go there.

Tanzania Safari – Tanzania, where you can rediscover the wild, romantic Africa of your dreams, where you can relive all the enchantment of an ageless continent while still enjoying all the comforts and luxuries of modern life.
Know Tanzania Places & Weather before you go there.

Uganda Safari – Uganda is a beautiful land, revered by travelers and explorers for centuries and now experiencing a rebirth.
Know Uganda Places & Weather before you go there.

Zambia Safari – Vast areas of unspoiled and virtually undiscovered protected wilderness areas make Zambia an undisputed favorite among dedicated safari enthusiasts.
Know Zambia Places & Weather before you go there.

Zimbabwe Safari – Still virtually unknown to western travelers, Zimbabwe is a young country that nonetheless has one of the oldest, most fabled and romantic histories in all of Africa.
Know Zimbabwe Places & Weather before you go there.

What to do – We believe a safari in Africa should be more than just a sightseeing tour, it should be the journey of a lifetime and surpass your every expectation; and here’s how to make that happen.

Where to Stay – Accommodation in Africa can range from lavish and luxurious to clean and comfortable. Take a minute to browse through the pictures and descriptions of these accommodations to get a sense for what style appeals to you.

History – African Portfolio specializes in the personalized planning of wildlife safaris and special interest tours to Africa.

Our Approach – African Portfolio works with safari camps and lodges that provide our clients with the highest level of wilderness experience possible. By definition these camps and lodges incorporate a sustainable conservation model for the surrounding reserve and the community.

Our Specialty – "What might our next travel adventure be…" you muse over a glass of wine with friends. The possibilities and dreams are almost as much fun as the real thing.

Our Consultants – The success and reputation of African Portfolio is attributed to our hands-on experience in Africa. All but one of us is native to Africa.

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