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Planning Your South African Safari

So, you’ve decided to go on a South African safari. You’ve determined that South Africa has everything you’ve dreamed about for your safari trip of a lifetime. You can already imagine yourself traipsing through the Kruger Wildlife Preserve and then enjoying a few days on the beaches of Cape Town.
There is a lot of information you need before embarking on your South Africa safari, and this article will help!

South African Safari at Kruger National Park
South Africa is more lush and beautiful after the rainy season, but you will see more animals in the dry season (September and October) when the trees are bare and the very thirsty animals are congregating at waterholes.

Choose your travel planner wisely. South Africa has a lot to offer and it is important to choose a travel planner with the experience and expertise in the area. One company specializing in South Africa safaris is African Portfolio. They have professionals that can help you plan a safari that meets your dreams and your budget.

Spend much of your time in Kruger National Park. There is nothing like the true life experience of being in the African bush with mating lions or trumpeting elephants just steps away. Staying at or near Kruger National Park is a must during your visit to South Africa. The safari and game lodges run the gamut from the ultimate in luxury to covering your basic needs. You’ll enjoy the expert guides who will give you a chance to enjoy walking safaris or to track the wildlife in their natural habitat.

Be prepared to alter your schedule. No matter what safari itinerary you choose, you can expect an early wake up call to enjoy a sunrise wildlife viewing drive and then a big breakfast. In the late afternoon, there will be another opportunity to view wildlife and then you enjoy a large dinner. The middle of the day is usually your opportunity to relax, take a nature walk, enjoy a swim or take a nap after an early start.
Experience game viewing on your South Africa Safari
A South Africa safari is truly something special because South Africa offers some of the closest game viewing in Africa. In addition, you enjoy excellent quality accommodations, first class service and a terrific value for your safari dollar. With a fully planned holiday from African Portfolio, you can rest easy knowing that all the details are taken care of. Call African Portfolio today and book your South Africa safari with their knowledgeable and helpful travel planners!

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