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South Africa

Although South Africa is generally a sunny country, the climate varies from sub tropical in the north and east to Mediterranean in the coastal areas. The central regions have a continental climate, often cold at night but hot during the day. KwaZulu Natal has a sub tropical climate with high humidity in summer. The southern Gauteng region has hot summers with occasional thundershowers and frosty winters, while the eastern part of this region (known as the lowveld) enjoys mild winters. The Cape interior and the Free State have similar weather conditions to the southern Gauteng region. The Western Cape region has a Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and cold, wet winters. Some inland areas like the Karoo and the high mountain ranges experience frost and snow in winter. The highest temperatures occur in the Karoo and far northern (tropical) parts of the country, sometimes going above 100°F. During the summer months of October to April, temperatures average between 60° - 95°F. The winter months of May to August are generally dry and sunny but with cold nights with temperatures in the 41°F range. However, the winter months in the Cape and along the Garden Route can experience heavy rains and high winds, producing severe weather conditions.

South Africa Temperature Chart

South Africa Rainfall Chart