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A Tanzania Safari Is The Trip Of A Lifetime!

Do you imagine yourself on the tawny grasslands of an African wildlife reserve? Would you love to experience the majesty and beauty of African lions? Have you always pictured yourself on a safari adventure?

If you’ve always dreamed of an African adventure, then it sounds like a Tanzania safari would be the perfect vacation for you!
Africa Safari Travel Planner
Here just a taste of the exhilarating and amazing sights and experiences just waiting to tantalize you as you embark on your Tanzania Safari arranged from the safari experts at African Portfolio.

A land of wide open spaces teeming with magnificent wildlife.

Palm fringed islands set amongst pristine turquoise seas.

Warm and hospitable people just waiting to share their tales of Africa with you.

An amazing 95,000 square miles of reserves, Tanzania truly is one of the best game viewing countries in Africa.

With breathtaking vistas throughout the country, your Tanzania safari can include experiencing Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa and Lake Victoria, the largest lake in Africa.

The Serengeti is at your fingertips where you can discover the wondrous and amazing wildebeest migration.

The Selous Game Reserve, the least well known park is actually the largest game reserve in Africa!

Uncover the famous volcanic Ngorongoro Crater, a truly unique and biodiverse amphitheatre housing over 25,000 larger animals and a great place to see zebra, wildebeest, black rhinos and prides of lions.

Almost everyone undertaking a Tanzania safari is keenly interested in the wildlife they might see. Tanzania is a treasure trove of wildlife and this is just a brief listing of the potential wildlife you could experience on your African Portfolio trip.

Nyasaland Gnu
Sable Antelope
Spotted hyena

If you want to experience the wonderful sights and sounds of your own Tanzania safari, remember that finding quality, professional safari guides is the single most important factor that will make or break your trip. Trust the expertise of the professionals at African Portfolio. Their team is amongst the most experienced in Africa and they will enhance your safety, comfort and enjoyment of your time spent in this wondrous land!

So, if you’re intrigued enough to start planning and booking your own Tanzania safari adventure, your best and safest bet is to work with the committed staff from African Portfolio. Their website makes it simple for visitors to research and choose their perfect adventure. Check out the website and book your very own African adventure for your next vacation!

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