Terms & Conditions

African portfolio.

African Portfolio Inc. is in all respects the agent of the client. African Portfolio Inc. books transportation, accommodation, restaurant, adventure activities and other services from various independent overseas ground operators. Each of these ground operators has their own management, which is not subject to the control of African Portfolio Inc. Client bookings are accepted by African Portfolio Inc. as agent for the independent operators. The services (as detailed above) provided by these operators are offered subject to the terms and conditions contained in the tickets, exchange orders or vouchers issued by them and/or their suppliers. Although African Portfolio Inc. has made every attempt to choose the best suppliers available, it has no right to control their operators and procedures and CANNOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY PERSONAL INJURY OR PROPERTY DAMAGE which may occur due to:

1) wrongful, negligent or arbitrary acts or omissions on the part of a supplier, its employees and others not under the direct control of African Portfolio Inc.; or
2) defects or failure of any aircraft, vessel, vehicle or other equipment instrumentally under control of independent suppliers.

Land, Sea and Air Transportation
Carriage by land, sea and air is subject to the terms and conditions of the carrier with whom you travel and to international conventions, which may limit liability. Land, sea and air travel are also subject to operational decisions of carrier and air and sea ports which may result in cancellations, delays or diversions over which African Portfolio Inc. has no control and for which African Portfolio Inc. accepts no liability whatsoever. Temporary or permanent loss of baggage is the responsibility of the carrier and the client.

a) African Portfolio Inc. deals predominantly with third world countries, which can experience problems such as vehicle breakdowns, lack of supplies (including fuel and spare parts) as well as drought and unusual weather conditions.
b) African Portfolio Inc. cannot be held responsible if the internal infrastructure of the country causes adverse effects, which prevent the ground operator from delivering the usual standard of service. Safaris are by their nature, adventure holidays and as such, changes in the details and timing of an itinerary can vary from time to time, depending on conditions prevailing and facilities available.
c) African Portfolio Inc. has made every attempt to retain the services of experienced, competent, and trustworthy ground operators who it believes will do their best to supply the agreed itinerary and services. They cannot, however, be liable for any routine or extraordinary variations to any holiday or other problems that may arise of a like nature.

Booking Procedures & Payment Terms
African Portfolio Inc. requires a signed and completed Reservation Form and a non-refundable credit card deposit of $500 per person in order to provisionally book a client itinerary. No portion of any deposit received is refundable. Certain safari operators and suppliers may require supplemental, non-refundable deposits within two weeks of confirmation of an itinerary. In this event, you will be advised of the deposit required and the due date. Upon receipt of the required, non-refundable deposits, African Portfolio Inc. will make every attempt to secure and contract the requested itinerary on behalf of its client. All itineraries are subject to written confirmation by African Portfolio Inc. Airfare quotes are estimates only and are subject to change until the ticket is issued. Certain operators and suppliers quote rates in foreign currencies and as these rates fluctuate relative to the US dollar, all quoted prices are estimates only. The final invoice will reflect a tour price based on the then current exchange rate. The balance of payment is due sixty (60) days prior to the scheduled departure date and must be paid by check or wire transfer only. Any failure to remit payment within this time frame shall be deemed a fundamental breach of these booking terms and conditions and African Portfolio Inc. shall thereupon cease to have liability to its client in respect of the booking. If payment is not received by the stated due date, the client may be liable for late payment fees calculated at 1.5% per month and a reinstatement charge of $50 per person. Reservations made within thirty (30) days of the scheduled departure date will be subject to a $50 per person surcharge. Reservations made within sixty (60) days of departure are subject to full payment upon confirmation of availability. Any payment made within thirty (30) days of departure must be made by wire transfer only. The client is fully liable to African Portfolio Inc. for any contractual obligations or deposit requirements the company has undertaken on behalf of the client with selected ground operators, tour suppliers or airlines.

African Portfolio Inc. tour packages include Access America Deluxe Comprehensive travel protection coverage (unless otherwise noted). Access America’s pre-existing conditions exclusion waiver and trip cancellation/interruption travel protection are not included in this coverage but can be purchased at an additional cost. Details are provided under separate cover. Clients residing outside of the United States are not covered by this policy and must purchase independent travel insurance and provide proof of coverage.

Refunds & Change Fees
No refunds will be issued for any unused accommodation, tours, activities, meals or services. A $100 per person service fee will be charged for any requested changes to air or land arrangements within 60 days of the departure date or once a final invoice is issued. In addition to any air carrier penalties, African Portfolio will charge a $100 processing fee for any refunds required on all ticketed flights.

a) African Portfolio Inc. will not cancel a tour, holiday or other travel arrangement once the client has paid in full unless it becomes necessary to do so as a result of hostilities, war or threat of war, civil strife, industrial dispute, terrorist unrest, active or threatened, natural or nuclear disaster, fire or adverse weather conditions, or if a group tour does not have the minimum required participants, or for any other adverse event beyond the control of African Portfolio Inc.
b) In the event of any cancellation, African Portfolio Inc. will inform the client without delay and will make every effort to offer a suitable and comparable alternative.
c) If a client wishes to cancel a tour the following cancellation fees will apply: More than 75 days prior to departure: Full Deposit; 60 – 75 days: 25% of tour price; 45 – 60 days: 50% of tour price; 30 – 45 days: 75% of tour price; Less than 30 days: 100% of tour price. In addition, clients are subject to any and all cancellation fees imposed on African Portfolio Inc. by the supplier. These cancellation policies may differ from the above. All cancellations must be in writing, signed by the client, received and acknowledged by African Portfolio Inc.