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Uganda – An Ideal Safari Destination

There is an article that described Uganda as ‘gifted by nature’ and that’s just what makes a Uganda safari an ideal vacation adventure. Uganda, located in East Africa has a remarkable cultural diversity and a natural magnificence that you won’t want to miss.

In the last few years, Uganda has grown into a popular safari destination because the combination of the moist climate and the rich dense forests has resulted in it being home to over 300 mammals!

Uganda Safari in East Africa

What To See and Do On Your Uganda Safari
One of the top draws in Uganda is a gorilla safari as Uganda is the only country where the endangered mountain gorilla can be seen in its natural habitat. Amazingly, Uganda is home to more than half of the remaining gorillas in the world. In addition, you might be lucky enough to see the five types of monkeys that call Uganda home – the colobus, guenons, baboons, patas and mangabeys.

Another reason to plan a Uganda safari is that it is home to over one thousand bird species. If you are a bird lover, viewing the rare Shoebill stork is always a highlight. Your safari itinerary can be custom designed to give you plenty of bird watching opportunities if you so desire.

Uganda also boasts one of the largest concentrations of crocodiles and hippopotamuses giving you even more thrilling reasons to plan a trip.

Along with an abundance of wildlife, your Uganda safari will give you plenty of opportunity to enjoy the rich biodiversity of Uganda’s forest reserves. Just imagine gazing up at huge buttressed trees covered with tangled vegetation of lianas and epiphytes. You just might catch a glimpse of the scaly tailed flying squirrel or the elephant shrew while you are enjoying the floral and fauna.
Uganda Safari – Home to more than half the Gorillas
The River Nile
If you want to take a break from all the spectacular wildlife, the River Nile offers you the chance to enjoy thrilling white water rafting, fishing and even bungee jumping.

If you’ve decided that a Uganda safari sounds right for you, the travel professionals at African Portfolio are waiting to help you plan the trip of your dreams. The friendly professionals at African Portfolio believe that your Uganda safari should be more than just a sightseeing tour; it should be an experience of a lifetime and surpass your every expectation. They pride themselves on carefully selecting and suggesting just the right type of trip and the right type of accommodations for each of their clients. If you want a Uganda safari planned by people with vast, first hand experience living and traveling throughout Africa, then call African Portfolio today!