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Wilderness Safaris – The Ultimate Getaway

Do you dream of going on safari and experiencing the sights, sounds and animals of Africa? Would you like a holiday that includes enjoying pristine wilderness areas and the biodiversity they support?

A wilderness safari is an amazing opportunity to enjoy Africa, its local communities and protected areas. A wilderness safari is a chance to enjoy Africa’s extremes and contrasts in areas that few are lucky enough to travel. Enjoy beautiful wetlands, amazing game reserves and other natural wonders like Victoria Falls.

Although a wilderness safari sounds like a dream, it isn’t a vacation to be planned by a novice. It takes an experienced professional to plan a wilderness safari that will be an educational and life changing experience.

African wilderness safari getaway
The Importance of the Guide
Along with an experienced travel planner to help you get the most out of this once in a lifetime vacation, it is just as important to have a safari guide who will be with you each day of your trip. You guide is crucial to seeing the animals and sights that interest you most.

African Portfolio has both the experienced travel planners and expert guides you need to make your safari trip a meaningful and fascinating experience. On your wilderness safari, your guide will improve your odds off seeing the ‘big five’, but will also point out equally fascinating aspects of the bush. African Portfolio employs guides that are fine naturalists and outdoorsmen, and are effective communicators and planners.
Wilderness Safari – Africa Safari Travel Planner
Clients of African Portfolio have repeatedly told them that the guide helped greatly increase the enjoyment of the wilderness safari. According to Nadia and David Coen, the guide made all the difference: “What a brilliant experience African Portfolio created for us. To have walked in the bush so close to the animals, to have canoed on the perfection and awesomeness of the Zambezi river, to have taken safari drives, morning and night searching and spotting creatures of all sorts, have been invaluable through your wonderful guides!”

Creating your own wilderness safaris with the help of African Portfolio is only a phone call or a click away. Their friendly travel professionals’ love helping make a client’s safari dreams come true. Call them today to book a wilderness safari that will be the vacation of a lifetime!

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