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Embark On a Wilderness Safari in Africa and Change Your Life!

Do you crave excitement and adventure when you travel? Would you like your next trip to be educational, explorative and fun?

If this sounds like you, then you should definitely consider a wilderness safari for your next vacation!
Africa Safari Travel Planner
Here are just a few of the many compelling reasons to consider a wilderness safari for your next vacation adventure:

Perhaps the biggest reason people go on safari is to see and experience a magnificent variety of wildlife in their natural habitat. A safari in Africa offers the opportunity to view an abundance of animal, bird and plant life, virtually unmatched anywhere else on earth. There is something awe inspiring about seeing cats stalk their prey, elephants caring for their young as well as the bevy of brilliant birds in the wild.

Not only is the wildlife something to behold, but the African landscape, floral and fauna will be a feast for your eyes. Experience crisp, clear rainbows during the day and a starry blanket in the skies at night.

The single most important factor that will make or break your trip is the quality of your safari guide. Differentiating the disastrous and the mediocre from the acceptable and superb is the most important aspect of planning your trip. This will not only impact your safety, comfort and enjoyment at the time, but also your memories of Africa forever after!

A wilderness safari gives you the opportunity to go beyond your boundaries in a quest for knowledge and adventure. You will experience sights, sounds and people unlike any other travels you have ever had. You will gain a deeper appreciation for the world around you and you will leave with memories that will last a lifetime. Africa touches its visitors like no other destination!

With so many safari tour operators out there, it is important to book with a company that has genuine expertise and experience in African wilderness safaris. Why not look for operators that have received awards and recommendations from reputable organizations like Fodor’s and Lonely Planet.

Equally important, is to find a tour operator who will work with you to design just the trip you want. Customized tours allow each vacationer to choose from sample itineraries and then to truly customize any aspect of their trip, so that it meets their individual wishes. Companies like African Portfolio ensure that each and every traveler gets a holiday that meets their specific needs and budget.

Africa offers rare adventure, a step back in time, and a break from the harried, modern world. From the majesty of the game reserves in Kenya, to the scenic splendor of South Africa, to the pristine beauty of the wild romantic brilliance of Tanzania, this primal land and its communities offer a wilderness safari experience unlike any other.

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