Our Logo

The Ndoro

You may notice our logo which is based on an ancient symbol called the Ndoro, thought to have originated thousands of years ago in what is now Zimbabwe. The shape and form was originally created by painstakingly grinding down seashells (rare in the interior of Africa) to a flat round shape. These were then used as currency, as well as decoration. The Ndoro came to symbolize prosperity as well as spiritual wealth.

This is the spirit in which African Portfolio was founded. We aim to create unique experiences for our clients to enrich their lives. Our motivation is to share our enduring love of Africa with you. This in turn creates prosperity for our friends and colleagues working on the ground in Africa, as well as supporting the continuing preservation of the animals and environment in which they live. The success of this cycle, enables us to give more back to the local community with our social enterprise projects, and to continue to offer the best possible adventures in Africa.