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  Client Reviews

David Golibersuch

Trip Review: Our African experience far exceeded my expectations.

Most Memorable Moment: Everyone returned with many happy memories of traveling with their Gramps, a.k.a. Babu, in the heart of Africa.

Advice For Future Clients: Visit Tanzania.

Traveled To:
August 2022

Joseph Fielding

Trip Review: We could not have been happier with our safari honeymoon. It was the perfect mix of romantic and adventurous, and the wildlife and nature were both incredible.

Most Memorable Moment: Sleeping out under the stars in the salt pans.

Advice For Future Clients: Our safari experience was made more special by the other groups and couples we connected with at each camp, so definitely don’t pass up a pre- or post-dinner drink at the bar if just to get to know the other guests. We met such interesting people, with wildly different backgrounds from all over the world.

August 2022

David Kilby

Trip Review: Everything went very smoothly, and every component met or exceeded both African Portfolio's (Victoria Herbert's) descriptions and our expectations. Amazing experience! Also, great job holding our trip together through two postponements due to Covid.

Most Memorable Moment: Several - the lion zebra kill in Makgadikgadi, the tigerfish at Nxamaseri, the leopard in Khwai, the elephants with calves bluff-charging us in Linyanti. Too many to choose one!

Advice For Future Clients: Don't underestimate the need for warm clothes for early morning game drives in winter. Relax and trust the guides and bush pilots to get you around on schedule - they've got it down. Lastly, make time to get to know the staff and guides - the genuinely wonderful people were one of the highlights of our trip.

August 2022

Melani Chumley

Trip Review: Everything was smooth we had a great experience.

Most Memorable Moment: Seeing the animals up close - lions eating kill, seeing a leopard take an impala up in the tree, elephant & a buffalo charging our vehicle, spending time getting to know our guides at dinner.

August 2022

Ashley Moulton

Trip Review: The trip was beyond any expectations I could have had, amazing experience.

Most Memorable Moment: The overall hospitality and accommodations of Elewana properties and of course all of the game drives, we came away with a lifetime full of memories!

Advice For Future Clients: Leave room for souvenirs in your bag!

Traveled To:
July 2022

Ken Kaufman

Trip Review: We all very much enjoyed the lodges, knowledgeable guides and extensive wildlife we experienced.

Most Memorable Moment: Seeing a male and female lion in the Mara in the perfect setting at sundown.

Advice For Future Clients: Don't wait, do it!

July 2022

John Doski

Trip Review: Three years in planning, it was an extraordinary trip, well considered, well paced, perfect.

Most Memorable Moment: Setting out on morning drive, 7th day of safaris, heavy mist. Out of the mist is a white rhinoceros immediately in front of us. Stopped, was there close to one hour. A perfect moment.

Advice For Future Clients: Go

July 2022

Brett Cohen

Trip Review: Savanna Private Game Reserve & White Pearl - both were excellent! Food was fantastic everywhere!

Most Memorable Moment: The whole thing!

Advice For Future Clients: Go with AP!

July 2022

Kimberly Lipes

Trip Review: The accommodation at White Pearl and Thanda were both 5 stars. They turned our room down at night and cleaned it in the morning. There was a lot of space and it was perfect for a couple.

Most Memorable Moment: The sunsets during our safari drives were incredible.

July 2022

Joanne Nault

Trip Review: It was amazing!!

Most Memorable Moment: While at Linyanti, two adult male lions (that we’d been hoping to see) came through the camp during the night. Our guide woke us up and asked how quick we could be ready. We left in minutes and Max was able to track them. We spent hours watching and following them as the sun came up and before we even ate breakfast. It was perfect! We also really loved the game walks (we got to go on several). Every sunset was different and one more beautiful than the next.

Advice For Future Clients: Be open to all the experiences that Africa has to offer. Be willing to go outside your comfort zone! Also, we never use agencies to plan our vacations, but having Victoria’s expertise in all things Africa made for a great and seamless experience.

July 2022

Nancy Napier

Trip Review: We did not see many animals in Musekese but did in the Bush camps and in Anabezi. Forced me to come up with my safari mantra: be patient, be present, be accepting of what the bush offers.

Most Memorable Moment: Too many - lots of animals, monitor lizards (my favorites), we did see a wild dog kill (of a water buck) - don't need to see that again but it was memorable.

Advice For Future Clients: More than one word - be open to whatever comes and have no expectations.

Traveled To:
July 2022

L. K.

Trip Review: The trip was awesome! All of our connections were perfect and we were met by representatives at each new move. The camps Vanessa chose for us were great. Very smooth running trip.

Most Memorable Moment: Seeing a leopard in such close proximity was spectacular! But honestly we were blown away each and every time we were so close to lions, elephants, hippos, and baboons. Hard to believe it was all happening! We had many “wow” moments in each camp!

Advice For Future Clients: Bring warm clothes when traveling in winter!

July 2022

Kristen Berczuk and Bill Humphrey

Trip Review: Loved the whole trip - fantastic Cape Town guide taking them off the beaten track and showing them some local flavor.

Most Memorable Moment: Saw incredible wildlife on safari even before arriving at camp and enjoyed a final few days at beach bums!

Advice For Future Clients: Really appreciated the seamless logistics!

July 2022

Carol Evans

Trip Review: What a fantastic trip! When we got back from South Africa, we agreed that we could not really say that the trip to South Africa was better than the trip to Tanzania and Kenya, they were both just so wonderful, and so different. But we both felt that this trip was without a doubt our best trip to Africa. It was very hard to come home!

Most Memorable Moment: A highlight was the elephant experience in Victoria Falls. Would recommend it to everyone. Love being close to the orphan family and learning about them.

Advice For Future Clients: You can be sure we will go back-- Africa is in our soul and heart!

July 2022

Lauri Rosenthal

Trip Review: Every part of our trip surpassed our expectations. The smooth transitions from country to country, the excellent guides and the top notch hotels and camps made for an over the top vacation. Loved all the surprise little touches too. Victoria was fabulous and will highly recommend to others.

Most Memorable Moment: Too many to have a most memorable! Seeing the first animals of the trip - hippos and elephants. But also all the baby animals. Candlelight dinners. So many fabulous memories.

Advice For Future Clients: Do exactly what we did!

June 2022

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