Meet Charlene

And to round out our African Portfolio team, Charlene has been our office manager and sales support consultant since November 2016 and we can’t believe we ever coped without her. She has impeccable attention to detail, is able to handle multiple tasks at one time, knows how to organize and expedite, can manage the competing requests from all of us and does so with a positive and always ‘ready, willing and able’ demeanor and attitude. She has quickly become an essential and invaluable part of ‘all things African Portfolio. With more than 30 years administrative management experience, all our insurance quotes, flight schedule changes, client information details, invoicing, document prep, and much more are magically getting done with minimal fuss and maximum attention to detail. No doubt being a mother of four and a grandmother of five has helped her multi-tasking abilities. The only flaw we’ve discovered is her attitude to cooking “I only have the kitchen because it came with the house”, which has had a little impact on the quality of our communal office lunches … Luckily her great sense of humor makes up for it!