Meet Vanessa

Vanessa was born and raised in South Africa. On the South Coast near Durban on the Indian Ocean to be exact. As a child her family was always traveling, seeing all the wonderful places southern Africa has to offer. Fast forward a number of years and moving to the US, Vanessa has taken that love of travel and turned it into a 22 year profession. Starting her career as a corporate and leisure travel agent gave her the foundation for the agent she is today. Travel isn’t just booking air and a car rental and a hotel and calling it a day. For Vanessa it’s the attention to detail, creating an itinerary that leaves nothing to chance, all the facets of a trip working in concert with each other to create the best experience for her clients. Breathtaking trips to Africa is not just a job for her it’s something she lives for, and her favorite part is when her clients return and she gets to hear about all the wonderful experiences they had. “There is nothing better than getting an email or a phone call from a happy client telling me how much they loved their trip”.

Vanessa has seen and done it all from chimp and gorilla trekking to following the great Migration to hiking the dunes of Namibia to mokoro-ing in the Okavango Delta to canoeing on the Zambezi and continues to explore and travel all over eastern and southern Africa, as well as new places such as Ecuador and Galapagos and the Amazon, always on the lookout for new and amazing places to send eager travelers.

Some of her favorite destinations include Rwanda and Botswana, but all of Africa is close to her heart And as most of her clients will say Africa gets into your soul and when you’ve gone once, you’ll continue to go back again and again …